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Clare is going to be offering her series of courses on uDemy for managers and supervisors and employees.  Check back to find links to take her courses!

Clare offers 'live' virtual courses via Google Meet on subjects relating to supportive management, organization, respect in the workplace, and various information topics surrounding legal subjects like employment and attending court.

Clare also works with organizations to develop custom courses that fit your needs.  She can also customize courses below with examples and references to your workplace. In person courses can also be arranged.

​Please email Clare for more information on availability and pricing:




Organizational Skills for Supportive Management

This course helps to answer the question "How the heck am I supposed to stay on top of everything I need to as a manager or supervisor?" Expectations on managers and supervisors are high. You are responsible for your own work, the work of your staff and for achieving the goals and deliverables of your part of the workplace. Add to that staying on top of all the HR and paperwork realities that come with being a supervisor, it can sometimes feel like there aren't enough hours in a workday to do it all. Building good habits and learning effective management skills are key to ensuring you don't burnout. This course provides practical advice and tips for how to build and maintain organizational and time management skills that help you stay on top of your work, support your staff and balance the demands of your job. This course is geared to those working in an 365 environment including Outlook and OneNote but the skills are transferrable even if you don't use those programs.

Supportive Performance Management

This course teaches skills in how to approach performance management of employees as a positive, supportive exercise. Positive and supportive workplaces start from the belief that an employee can succeed. Effective performance management should be a positive opportunity for staff and management to identify opportunities for growth and success. This course reframes older ideas about performance management and teaches skills and considerations for managers and supervisors to learn to engage in a constructive, positive supportive dialog with staff about performance management. Supportive performance management is a lot of work and not for the feint of heart. But the rewards are engaged staff who succeed and who are less likely to turn over.

Considerations for Leading and Managing a  Respectful Workplace

The ideal of a positive and respectful workplace is easy to picture but can be hard to achieve and maintain. Managers and supervisors are tasked with ensuring a workplace is healthy and positive, but it can be difficult to figure out what steps you can take to achieve that goal. This course teaches practical skills and techniques for building an maintaining respectful workplaces including: - understanding management's role in maintaining a respectful workplace; - understanding the role of your staff in maintaining a respectful workplace; - learning to recognize issues that impact workplace moral; - tips and skills to build positivity and respect in a workplace


Working and Contributing to a Respectful Workplace for Employees

It's been said that employees don't quit jobs, they quit bosses and workplaces. It is fair for everyone to expect that a workplace is positive and respectful. But what can be difficult is that while there are things that you can and should do to help build a respectful workplace, staff have to understand what their role is in maintaining respect and positivity. This course helps employees understand how to contribute to a positive and respectful workplace by: - understanding how an employee can contribute to a positive workplace - understanding the importance of constructive feedback - Things to watch out for that negatively impact a work place - Tips to help you say that things are not ok - Tips for how to address problems - even when you do something that's a problem.

How to Stay Organized for Employees

Keeping on top of everything you have to do day to day can be challenging. This course teaches practical skills and tips for keeping on top of your work and staying organized. It is designed for people working in workplaces with Microsoft 365 but the skills are transferrable. Content includes: - Learn how your calendar is one of your most valuable organizational tools; - Learn how to use your time effectively; -Learn how to use OneNote to work more efficiently; -Learn how to identify what works for you to stay organized

How to Deal with People and Deescalate Conflict

It doesn't matter what type of work you do - there are always challenging situations when you do work and deal with with people. Whether you deal with colleagues or the public, this course teaches practical tips and tools for dealing with difficult situations. This course does not focus on the traditional idea of 'diffcult people' - people are human and anyone can have a difficult time. This course focuses on building skills that help you deal with people when you have difficult moments at work. Content includes: - Tips for how to maintain resilliancy when dealing with high conflict work; - Leading with empathy and respect; - How to descalate conflict and do what you can to build respectful relationships; - How to respectfully and safely leave a conflict.

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